Jan 6, 2011

Bullet camera and Ip security camera system

Surveillance camera systems have been gaining tremendous importance fighting the crime against the thieves, pick pockets and vandals. These days, every next business house and home owner depend increasingly on the presence of third eye security.

For peace of minds at all the times and sound sleeps during the nights daily or even when touring away, more and more shopkeepers, mall owners, big or small companies or even the people like you and me take resort to the security camera system.

Many forms and types of surveillance systems are available in the market. Suiting your need, you can opt from this range to keep a constant eye on the vandals and thieves. You can also install one of them to feel secured while relaxing in your own private pool.

Though inexpensive, how will you decide upon one purchase decision amidst this wide range of equipments present? 

We will make it simple for you. We will help you choose the right and best surveillance camera systems.

A bullet camera system is especially used for the surveillance of the indoors of the shops, malls and even the homes and under the water in a swimming pool. The come in various sizes from small to large suiting to the requirements and can be mounted on the walls or ceilings. 

While the ip security camera come with two purposes. This type of surveillance camera can be installed to protect the internal and external surroundings. An internet protocol camera is generally installed to keep a check on the employees. They come in two types – centralized system and decentralized system.

The centralized internet protocol cameras come with external network video recorder as attachment that enables the management to record the video footage and thus alarm the management in the times of any unforeseen incident.

As compared to the centralized ip camera, the decentralized cameras come with in-built recording facility and thus allow direct recording and storage of the visuals and streaming to hard disk or storage network attached. 

Tips for selecting better surveillance camera systems:

  1. Before you purchase any surveillance camera, you should first know where to mount the cameras. Deciding upon the location, it will help you understand what to record and store.
  2. The bullet camera allows you to go from general shot to a very specific shot of visual like the face of pick pockets, thieves and vandals.
  3. Going for a security system for detailed surveillance, will need a better frame rate.  The frame rate is directly related to scanning the details of the place.
  4. It is always a good idea to consult a specialist of surveillance security systems regarding your needs and the cost of the system suiting your pockets.