May 13, 2012

Outdoor Security Cameras, is it a must?

We live in a very competitive world and when it comes to competition, we need to even understand that competition can get unhealthy too. The point that I am trying to make here is that the prices of products would in some cases go up if competition increases which increases the standard of living too. When standard of living of any nation goes up without any increase in the income levels of people, we would see level of crimes increasing in conjunction with it and that’s one of the reasons of why we need outdoor security cameras. Unfortunate incidences like theft, burglary and so forth would be on rise and employing security personals may not be very productive and feasible in comparison to installing outdoor surveillance camera

 It would be a wise decision for any government to install advanced security cameras at the intersections of various inner streets of different suburbs.  Vulnerable victims including the disables, children and senior citizens will feel safe and secured in their vicinities. Installing hi-tech security camera systems in the streets or perhaps at crowded locations such as railway stations, airports, retail malls and so forth will reduce the rate of crimes at the respective locations.  Having outdoor security cameras may raise many negative points too in the minds of common citizens of a nation. Security cameras may be blamed for breaching the privacy of human beings. Various commuters and visitors may be unhappy with the idea of installing security cameras. It could be argued that one may feel like one is watched throughout the time when outside.  

We must analyze the pros and cons of outdoor surveillance systems. It is quite imperative to understand the consequences of any new idea before actually implementing it in our daily life especially when it affects general citizens of the country. Proper feedback from credible authorities which includes the common people too must be taken into consideration. Once the decision is made and a positive outcome is anticipated then appropriate places for its installation must be decided. It’s not only about having the cameras installed but also about where the installation will take place matters too. It’s pointless to have these cameras at places where the cost of installing them is higher than its expected positive returns.