Jul 2, 2012

Wireless camera for boundless living

In this world of technical advancement it has become very old fashioned and also expensive to install security cameras and run with the help of expensive video extension cable. Innovation and technology has developed new form of security camera and its aligned systems, these are known as wireless security camera system. Such camera systems are similar to use as old camera systems.
There are many advantages of installing a wireless security camera in your home or office. Such camera systems are easy to install and can be mounted in places previously unavailable. They run on battery system and transfer data via internet and satellite networks, thus making it completely wireless. A receiver is used to get the audio and video messages from the camera. When installed in office or nay such closed area their range decreases from 300 ft to less than 250 ft.
The latest digital wireless security camera gives better digital and audio clarity with wide transmission range. These cameras are easy and better to use. If connected with Digital video recorder (DVR) they work as digital transition recording systems and can record the transmission from multiple receivers. Some cameras do have interior memory recording facility. Such facilities are useful for spying cameras. Their resolution can range from 1.3 megapixels to 32 megapixels, depending on it use.
A video digital camera can have from one to 64 cameras in its network. To monitor and record these cameras a main receiver with equal input channels is used. Network video recorders are used to record such networking cameras. Be it DVR or NVR it should be located within 450 foot from the cameras installed. Some ultra modern wireless security cameras do have motion detector with HD camera clarity and LED lights to support in night.